Employment Law

Employment law is a minefield of labyrinthine proportions full of pitfalls and problems for both employer and employee alike. It is an area of that law that has seen,(and will no doubt continue to see), rafts of change as the government imposes more and more regulation upon us. None of this is helped in the slightest by the influence extended into the workplace environment from Europe.

We provide swift and practical advice on a range of employment law issues such as:
    • Contracts and terms of employment
    • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
    • Discrimination for gender, sexual orientation, race, disability and age
    • Employment Tribunal proceedings and appeals
    • Time off for dependants and other purposes
    • Flexible working
    • Retirement
    • Maternity and paternity rights
    • Minimum wage
    • Working time regulations and holidays
    • Equal pay
    • Part time employees’ rights
    • Redundancy
    • Notice, suspension and garden leave
    • Deductions from wages
    • Unfair and wrongful dismissal
    • Restrictive covenants
    • TUPE
    • Whistleblowing
    • Breach of contract
    • Compromise agreements

Whether you are an employer or an employee, if you have an employment law problem you will want to place it in the hands of experts. We have that expertise and are ready to offer our services to you.

Our service goes beyond advising clients of their strict employment law rights and obligations. We have the breadth of experience to give practical advice and provide solutions and strategies for dealing with your particular employment law problem. Very often a solution can be found without having to launch into expensive legal proceedings.

So whether you are a large corporate reviewing your current service provider, a smaller business looking for ad hoc employment law advice or an individual with a difficult situation at work, when you instruct us you can expect a quality service that is cost effective and tailored to your needs. Feel free to call us, without charge, for a preliminary diagnostic opinion.