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Price Transparency 

We are committed to providing clear and transparent arrangements for the charging of our fees in all matters. You will always be provided with a quote or an estimate, in writing, once you have provided us with sufficient information regarding the work you would like us to carry out for you. 

The Solicitor’s Regulation Authority requires that we publish price and service information in relation to the following areas of work, which you will find set out below: 

Criminal Law

We will discuss funding and fees with you from the start, before you incur any cost.

If Legal Aid is available for your case we will apply without charge to the Legal Aid Agency seeking funding.

If Legal Aid is not available for your case we can offer fixed fees and pay as you go instalments and "No Win No Fee" in suitable cases.

We will always give a clear written indication of our fees and the money we expect to pay out on your behalf during the case at the start and from time to time during the proceedings so you always know so far as is possible the costs you have agreed to incur.

If you have a court appearance about a motoring offence in the Magistrates Court that will be dealt with in one hearing brought under the summary only provisions of part 1 of the Road Traffic Act 1998 and Section 89 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. [[Find out about our fixed fee offer and how we comply with the Transparency Rules of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, when providing that service.]]

If you are arrested and taken to a police station, you will be represent you free of charge by a duty solicitor.

If you are not arrested, but the police wish to speak to you about a criminal offence you are said to have committed, we can usually attend and act on your behalf with you paying our costs.

If you are charged with an offence, you may wish to apply for a representation order for a solicitor to act for you at court. This is what used to be called Legal Aid. In order to receive funding, your case has to pass a merits test. This means it must be serious enough that the court thinks you need a solicitor.

If you pass the merits test, you also need to pass the means test, which says that you cannot earn over a certain amount once your expenses are deducted. If you earn too much then you will not be able to receive public funding in the Magistrates Court.

If your case goes to the Crown Court, you will be granted a representation order if your disposable income is under the statutory limit which varies from time to time.

In addition, following the means test it may be that you will have to pay a contribution from your income. This contribution is worked out by the legal aid agency. Payment is over 6 months but by paying 5 months on time or by way of lump sum the 6th Month is waived.

The legal aid agency also considers whether or not you will have a contribution to make from capital. The first £30,000 of capital is ignored for this purpose. A contribution from capital only occurs at the end of the case should there be a guilty plea or conviction in your case.

Should you be found not guilty then no capital contribution is paid and any income contribution is returned to you. If your case involves being found guilty on some matters but not guilty on others, then the judge can make an order to determine what proportion of any contribution should be returned to you if any.

In some cases, the contributions can be high and you can decide to decline the offer of representation via legal aid and come to a private arrangement with us. We will outline fully the fees to be paid and often will deal with the matter by way of a fixed fee quote so that you know exactly where you stand.

We refer to our law courts as Tribunals

Hourly rates –

Grade A – Partners and Senior Solicitors over 8 years Post Qualification Experience – £275.00 to £500.00 plus VAT

Range of costs:

For a 1-day hearing at the Tribunal the range of costs is £4,000.00 to £8,000.00 plus VAT and disbursements, although this does depend on how complex the issues are and the volume of documentation involved and the number of witnesses.

Anticipated disbursements – Barrister’s fees:

Dealing with preliminary hearing – £500.00 to £1,000.00 plus VAT

Attending a meeting to provide advice – £500.00 to £2,000.00 plus VAT

Dealing with the final hearing or mediation – £750.00 to £2,000.00 plus VAT (This will be subject to confirmation at time)

The fees will depend upon the seniority of the Barrister who is instructed.

The main stages of the case are as follows:

  • Attending meeting with you to discuss your case and take instructions and review the documentation you have available and provide any initial advice.
  • Prepare Tribunal forms setting out details of your claim and the background.
  • Preparing a response to a claim brought against you.
  • Drafting any additional necessary documentation.
  • Continuing to review and advise on the merits of pursuing or defending a charge.
  • Advising on the value.
  • Advising and dealing with disclosure of documentation and bundles of documents for hearing.
  • Interviewing witnesses and taking detailed witness statements.
  • Continuing to review and advise on the claim or Defence.
  • Prepare details chronology and list of issues in dispute.
  • Dealing with negotiations and any settlement discussions.
  • Make final preparations for hearing and instruct Barrister to deal with hearing.

Not all cases can be dealt with in one day at the Tribunal and so for a two-day hearing, the costs will increase and the range is likely to be up to £10,000.00 plus VAT and, in addition, Barrister’s fees will increase, likely up to £2,500.00 plus VAT for the hearing.

Three-day hearing or more

If two days is not sufficient for the Tribunal final hearing, then fees will increase again and will likely be in he region of £14,000.00 or more plus VAT, and the fees will increase proportionately depending on the number of additional days the Tribunal hearing lasts for. In relation to the Barrister’s fees, these will also increase proportionately and it will be necessary to agree the Barrister’s fees separately, depending upon the actual number of days the Tribunal hearing will last.

Additional Information: If the work you need us to do for you does not fit into the normal range of service we have set out in this illustration, please speak to us and we will be happy to give you a full detailed scope of fees

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