Criminal Law

Our criminal lawyers represent and advise upon the whole range of criminal proceedings from the very minor to the more serious. We have vast experience of all types of criminal cases falling between these extremes. Most prosecutions are preceded by police investigations and we are available to attend police stations in every appropriate case. Whether the alleged offence is minor or serious and complex, our criminal defence lawyers fully appreciate that being at risk of investigation, under arrest or charged with an offence and facing prosecution is a stressful and worrying time. We aim to provide first class advice, support and representation, deal fearlessly with the police, investigators and prosecuting authorities, in order to defend our clients' interests and secure the best outcome possible.
We have particular expertise in road traffic cases such as drink-driving and speeding and have an excellent track record in securing good results, avoiding the imposition of penalty points and disqualification.
In summary, we can provide speedy and efficient assistance in the following areas:

    • Police station investigations and interviews under caution
    • Magistrates Court prosecutions
    • Crown Court proceedings
    • Prosecution by public bodies eg environmental health, trading standards
    • Prison Law issues including adjudications
    • Court of Appeal cases
    • Criminal Cases Review Commission applications
    • Road Traffic law